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Daniel Steven

Daniel Steven is a man with many layers, and a colorfully creative soul. He is and has always been, what most would consider an "Old Soul" and beyond his years. His extensive body of work is indicative of his character, charisma, consciousness, heart, gifts, passion, skill sets, and his talents. Artist, Actor, Producer, Musician, Philosopher, Visionary, and Network Executive, Daniel has chosen a road less traveled, full of vast experiences that has richly shaped him to be the anomaly that he is. Daniel considers himself a M.O.M., a Man of Manifestation, one who gives birth to ideas and a nurturer of creativity. His personal story includes trial and triumph that he uses as inspiration in his daily life to organically connect to the world as he embarks on his journey.

Daniel began his voyage in Hartford, Connecticut where he was raised under the watchful eye of his mother who cultivated him to be an independent spirit and a hard worker. She raised him in the church that she attended regularly which introduced Daniel to the soulful sounds of gospel music. Daniel’s father was a prominent minister, musician and singer, and through the church experience, Daniel developed his own interest in music. As a child, he started playing clarinet and saxophone in the school band and taking piano lessons in his neighborhood. He was a natural talent and could play by ear. Later, Daniel expanded his musical portfolio to include drums, bass and other instruments. During high school he attended The Hartford Academy of the Performing Arts where he studied voice and music theory. Although music was second nature to Daniel, he never took interest in being a professional musician and instead, he used music as a tool that would later serve him in a greater capacity. In his youth, it was clear that Daniel possessed the natural ability to captivate the attention of an audience. He could make people laugh, he could make people listen and with that, people loved him. He had a genuine and unique presence on and off the stage. His love for the arts led to his participation in the school theater where he honed his performing and vocal abilities. Daniel’s mother instilled in him, the philosophy, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”. In taking this to heart, Daniel developed a love for community service where his passion for the human connection became a part of his DNA. As Daniel continued his journey, this practice traveled well with him.

Education has always been a priority in Daniel’s life. After high school, Daniel attended Alabama State University. There he continued to make achievements that gave him access to a world beyond his inner-city upbringing. During his attendance, Daniel took part in student government. He won the title of Mr. Collegiate African-American and served in the position as national representative of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). He continued to thrive and evolve as a performer through his participation in the school dramatics guild through which introduced to his first taste of television exposure on the hit drama series, In the Heat of the Night. After graduation as a double major in Economics and Marketing, Daniel again packed his tools and set out to Hollywood to pursue the next chapter of his journey.

With the potential of a promising career in cooperate America, Daniel chose to negate several opportunities that seemed as secure routes towards success and embraced his intuitive path for which he made the necessary sacrifices that eventually led him to the opportunity that created a monumental shift in his journey. Daniel Steven, also known as professional actor, Steven Daniel, landed the role as the widely popular character ‘El-Train’ on the hit NBC Saturday morning comedy series City Guys. After five years and more than one hundred episodes, City Guys concluded and Daniel ventured to use the experience he gained to develop his own creative content under his production company, Five by Seven Entertainment. This creative platform would be and is the umbrella which all of his creative ventures are produced under, including his music artistry which he is known as, TheSoulofDaniel. A name that is as fluid as his sound, and as significant as the impact that it has on both the ear and the soul. Feel good, flow and ferocity all defined in four words linked together to form one identity, one voice that encapsulates the total expression of the man, his music and his message.

In 2001, Daniel, produced and released his first musical presentation on CD entitled, Hiphopcrisy. It was an experimentation and fusion of concepts, music genres, and life experiences. Through this process, Daniel’s musicality developed significantly and in 2004, he produced and released his official debut album, Life, Love Liberation which gained him national and international exposure through radio support and television video outlets. Two songs in particular resonated throughout the music industry as bonafide hit singles; the electric soul balled, I Luv U and the up-tempo & worldly popular, Dance If U Wanna, which video’s version was frequently requested and aired on BET, MTV and VH-1. Other phenomenal recordings from this album were added to national playlists such as Billboard and Forbes, including Without U, Kiss Me and Hurts Sometimes.

This new exposure caught the attention of promoters and Daniel joined several national tours where he performed as the opener for popular headline artists. He was also invited to perform and headline grassroots tours overseas. Daniel, a Showman, wooed, wowed and won crowds over one stage at a time. At this point, Daniel was challenged with facilitating both the demand for his CD, and his schedule for live performances. He needed to bridge the gap between his growing popularity and the perception that came with this newly found success. Due to technological advancements, as an independent artist, during the time that music was making the transition between how it was being distributed and received by the public, Daniel understood that he had to make a more personable connection with his fan base, so he created his own tour, took to the road, and drove himself around the country promoting and distributing his own music. He literally drove to every state in America and even took a flight to Hawaii. His marketing skills, personality and human hustle were on full display. He found his way into clubs, corporations, schools, colleges, cafes, and on street corners all over the country. At times, with his keyboard, a microphone and sound system powered by the car battery, Daniel would perform from the back of his vehicle. The world became his stage and crowds gathered wherever he played. People soon referred to him as “Daniel The One Man Band”. His following grew enormously and Daniel was viewed by many as an artist that the masses of music lovers needed to know.

In 2006, Daniel’s life took a drastic turn. He became ill and began treatment for his illness which brought his entire career to a sudden halt. (This is shared in full detail in the documentary, The Soul Story, currently in production)

In 2009, Daniel experienced a life changing miracle that has allowed him the beautiful opportunity to continue his journey. (This is also included in full detail in the documentary, The Soul Story, still in production.)

After more than a year of a getting re-acclimated to a sense of a normal life, Daniel began reacquainting himself with himself, his life’s tools, his fan base, and the world around him. He realized that society had made a major shift in how it communicates and shares information. Daniel began the re-building process of his mind and his personal & professional infrastructure. He began creating new content across various mediums.

With brand new music, fresh ideas and a new reinvigorated commitment and perspective of life, Daniel’s journey continues. He has now confirmed that he is ready to deliver and share the wealth of his creative and personal experiences with the introduction of his made for television creation, Consider This Café, which is also the flagship and launch of his new network television platform, Five by Seven Entertainment Network. Five by Seven Entertainment is a portal for creativity, expression and information for those who share the passion for the beauty of life and seek a platform which allows them to truly flourish in the fulfillment of their destiny. Here, Daniel will facilitate his creative ambitions, maximize the wealth of his talents and skills, and introduce the world to TheSouofDaniel.