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Our mission is to produce creatively progressive content and provide an exceptional entertainment platform that:

  • Engages all of our human sensibilities,

  • Enhances our world’s cultural perspective,

  • Embraces a generation of seasoned viewers,

  • Enlightens and influences a new generation through creative empathy and fairness,

  • Encourages the human spirit and inspires our humanity to be the best of ourselves.

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We view our partnerships with the business and entertainment community as a vital extension of the philosophy that “It takes a village”. The collective cohesive effort makes a greater impact for everyone. We extend this invitation to those who share our values and our commitment to diversity, excellence, multiculturalism and the inclusion of creative expression within the vast medium of entertainment.



We have designed various sponsorship packages that allow everyone to participate in building the best 24 hour block of programming on television. We have an assortment of shows geared to organically connect product placement to our viewers. From the most popular brands to independent, Mom & Pop shops, we embrace the entire commerce community and provide a profitable platform where your brand can maximize its potential.