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As an independent Television Network, we are in the business of creativity. We combine the medium of television, the infrastructure of our business model, and the creative ingenuity of our multi-media department to produce a platform and a pristine entertainment product that our viewers can enjoy as we cultivate productive relationships within the business community.

Conceptually, Five by Seven is the inner and outer dimension of innovation, where structure meets the non-linear universe of creativity; a space of endless possibilities, where everything amazing happens. Every idea has a voice that must be identified. Here at Five by Seven Entertainment, we specialize in articulating, capturing and shaping that voice while connecting it to both the human consciousness and to the world of commerce. From the mind, to the viewing screen, we apply the five fundamental principles of our business philosophy to each creative property.

Our expertise is substantiated by over 30 years of educational, practical, and professional experience. Innovation can not survive alone. It must be rooted in a foundation that supports its visionary perspective. Here at Five by Seven Entertainment, we function as a portal that accommodates the interests of creative expression, and the need for it to live and flourish outside of its own incubation.

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We see creativity in its full potential. From product development to economics to marketing, our perspective allows us to facilitate each step of the creative agenda and provide the necessary space for the organic growth and development of its designated placement.


The functionality of an idea is one of the key components that determines the success of an intellectual property. An idea can sometimes be compromised by the practicality of meeting its goal. We accommodate the interests of creative integrity as well as facilitate the functionality of creative infrastructure. This is a crucial step that the creator of an idea must consider when introducing their idea to a world outside of their own creative space.


We take a practical approach in building a creative agenda by using the total value of every resource. During this process, we identify and maximize both the conventional and unconventional tools that are sometimes traditionally undetectable.


Development is never ending. There is constant progression and forward thinking in the development process. Redevelopment is our daily pursuit in the refinement of what begins as great idea and results as a groundbreaking discovery. We are guided by our own creative ingenuity through the practicality of our own realization here at our network.


Our approach in connecting to our brand base and to the commerce community is organic. We focus on our target demographic, as well as the multi-cultural demographic by connecting specific content to specific agendas. We call this Micro-Marketing. This process widens the base of our brand which introduces the viewing public to products that they enjoy and take interest in, that they would not be exposed to otherwise. We operate inside and outside of the box to maximize our full potential.

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We are the creative division of Five by Seven Entertainment and we are in the creative business. We create business through our creative business practices. In 1999, we began as a private outsource production house, and today we facilitate, produce, and supervise the entire production pool of our network’s content. Currently, we have more than 20 shows in production including our flagship program, Consider This Cafe.

Our perspective makes us who we are. We see the creative process from angles that are uncharted. Our method of creating is unorthodox. We use both traditional and non-traditional approaches to achieve our goals. This panoramic view allows us to facilitate a wide range of creative agendas and meet the specific needs of each project. In applying, these methods to our own creative ideas here at our network, we are able to offer these services as an outsource service to the business and entertainment communities. Our outsource services include:

  • Production & Development resource for film, television and theatrical projects;

  • Creative & Infrastructural resource for brands, concepts and product development;

  • Comprehensive Consultative resource during the creative, developmental and operational stages.

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Entertainment is a visually stimulating encounter enjoyed through the human lens. Our production company provides services that bring creativity to life. From set and stage design in film, television, theater and music video to the post production bells and whistles that add that finishing touch, we facilitate your production needs.

  • Film (Documentary, Feature Film)

  • Television (Reality, Comedy, Drama, etc.)

  • Commercial (National, Regional, Local)

  • Music Video


We make the sonic connection that captures the voice of any project.

  • Soundtrack, Music Supervision

  • Jingles, Theme & Title Songs

  • Live Performance, Studio Recording

  • Vocal Performance, Voice Acting, Voice Over


We create brand recognition and enhance production aesthetics through graphic design and art direction.

  • Art Direction

  • Production Design

  • Graphic Design


Conceptual connectivity is the place where all components of an intellectual property becomes one voice. Creativity to its Creator, Art to the Artist, and Sound to the Singer. Here, it all makes sense. We are the stylist of the project.


Every creative expression has an inner voice that must be heard and shared in order to organically connect to its audience. We cultivate and articulate the greater meaning and purpose of the creative experience from the perspective of its creator.


Information is the educational process of creativity. Disseminating the particulars of the creative process becomes a powerful tool in relating to the public. We produce the tools that inform the targeted demographic in the language they understand.

  • Industrial Commercials (National, Regional, Local);

  • Feature Campaigns (Marketing, Promotional, Instructional)


The presentation is a production within of itself. Here is where we combine the tools of marketing and promotion with energy of creativity, music and visual arts to galvanize the cooperative agenda that welcomes success after the task of production is complete. Lights, camera, music, action!



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