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TheSoulofDaniel is an American Recording Artist who is well known for his sultry soulful sounds and his captivating and charismatic stage performances. He is a man with many layers; Producer, Singer, Song-Writer, Musician, and a colorfully creative soul. He is also a man that considers himself a M.O.M., a Man of Manifestation, one who gives birth to ideas and a nurturer of creativity. In 2004, TheSoulofDaniel burst onto the music scene with his hit single, I Luv U, which was followed by his uptempo smash hit single, Dance If U Wanna, both from his debut album, Life Love and Liberation. To his avid fans he is known simply as Daniel. Now, with his new hit single, You Can't Run From The Sun, a phenomenal work of artistic inspiration, he embodies a new identity which is apropos to the total and collective expression of The Man, The Music and The Message. He is TheSoulofDaniel. Read More



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The human journey is a path towards self discovery. During this voyage, a man is admonished to pursue a fulfilled life, for it is a one-way trip. Self-fulfillment is a joyful experience and it supersedes the emotional agenda of gratification and satisfaction. When the dissatisfaction of an inorganic agenda presents itself, a man can become complacent, dismissive, discontent, distorted and destructive to himself and the world around him. With this in perspective, TheSoulofDaniel has a clear vision. It has been stated that a man can be judged by the words he speaks. If this is true, then those who judge Daniel will conclude that he is a man of conviction, with a connective understanding of the human struggle by way of his own. They will also conclude that he is a true brother to the world who shares his creative energy to encourage, enlighten and uplift the human spirit to be the best of itself. TheSoulofDaniel relinquishes his judgement of others through the discipline of his own self-discovery and conviction which is reflected in his life. His music is the sonic journal of his journey and his message reveals the true intentions of his soul.

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